Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts
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Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts

Maple machinery is a company that has provided forging solutions for the past 20 years. We have passed ISO9001 certification. Zero defect is part of our manufacturing standards, and we ensure that all processes are maintained in-house with a first-class infrastructure. We are proud of our experience and open communication with suppliers to develop Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts, meet customer design standards and provide fast delivery of high-quality products

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Product Description

Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts


1.Product Introduction

 As we all know, the forging machinery used in the oil and gas industry will withstand some of the worst and harsh environments. This is why it is important to have Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts that can resist corrosion and cavitation and meet the strict requirements of offshore natural gas and oil drilling. 

 Maple machinery has strong and durable forgings required to meet these basic requirements. We specialize in the production of components used in the oil and gas industry, and have the certification of well-known institutions recognized all over the world. You can rest assured that you will obtain high-quality Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts


2.Product Parameter (Specification)


Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts


Ra 1.6




Alloy Steel


ISO 9001:2015





Heat Treatment

Quenching & Tempering



Lead Time

30 Days


Plywood Case


Closed Die Forging


50000 Pcs / Month


Ningbo, China


3. Maple’s Servicesfor Oil & Gas Industry

 Maple Machinery team has considerable knowledge, and expertise that extends to the oil and gas market. Our customers rely on us to manufacture forgings with complex shapes and features with precision manufacturing processes. We have been providing Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Partsfor the industry for many years and manufacture different products such as safety equipment parts, compressor parts, valves, pump bodies, drilling parts, etc.


 Our company is known to secure stock for short-term delivery and respond to the demands of large and small orders. We use stable base of forgings for Oil & Gas Industry, and our products are of the highest quality and strongest durability. Only those products reach the market only if they have passed a series of pressure and corrosion resistance tests.

4.Supporting Service for Oil & Gas Industry

 As mentioned above, in order to work in adverse conditions, the performance of the Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts must be excellent. Therefore, it’s not enough to only produce raw castings or forgings, but also need heat treatment, machining, surface treatment, NDT testing, etc.


 Heat treatment: heat treatment is the critical step to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece. We can formulate the process according to the strength requirements of the parts, and improve the mechanical properties of the parts such as hardness, yield strength, tensile strength and elongation by heat treatment


 Machining: we have our own machine shop, and can complete almost all machining requirements with advanced equipment.


 Surface treatment: the purpose of surface treatment is to make parts work in adverse environment. Zinc plating can prevent parts from rusting; Nickel plating can enhance the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of parts; Phosphating can prevent parts from corrosion…


 Non-destructive testing (NDT): NDT is the last and most important step. Maple will NDT the parts to ensure that there are no surface defects (such as cracks, sand holes, blow holes) and no internal defects (shrinkage and slag) on the delivered parts.


 Common Material for Oil & Gas Industry parts

We have the ability to manufacture all steel standard materials as well as special materials. The following are our common materials for manufacturing Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts:


Carbon Steel:1015,1020,1035,1045,20Mn,25Mn,A570.GrA, SJ355, C45…

Alloy Steel:4130,4135,4140,4340,8620,8640,20CrMo, 42CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, 25CrMo…

Stainless steel:304, 304L, 316, 316L, 410, 416, CF8, CF8M, PH17-4, CK20…

Gray Iron:GG-15,GG-20,GG-25,Class 20B,Class 25B,Class 30B, GJL-250, GJL-300…

Ductile Iron:GGG-40,GGG-50,60-40-18,65-45-12,70-50-05, 80-55-06 QT500-7, QT400-18, QT700-2…

High Chromium cast iron:15%Cr-Mo-HC,20%Cr-Mo-LC,25%Cr…

Aluminum:AlSi7Mg, AlSi12, AlSi10Mg, A356,A360…

High Manganese steel: X120Mn12, Mn12, Mn13…


5.The Parts We Supplying for the Oil & Gas Industry

We have manufactured a wide range of Oil & Gas Industry Steel Closed Die Forging Parts. The following are typical products:

Valve components, Impellers, Pump bodies, Flanges, Burner parts, Drilling components, Bottom plates, Blowout protector, Crank arms, Hydraulic cylinder components, and End caps


6. Why Closed Die Forging

Compared with casting, forging has its special advantages:

1. In the case of the same material, the mechanical properties of forgings are better than those of castings.

2. The forgings strength is higher and the fatigue resistance is stronger.

3. The forgings has better compactness.

4. There are no internal defects and surface defects.

5. Fast production speed, high efficiency, suitable for mass production of products.

6. The product quality is stable.

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