Chemical composition control.


Chemical composition control

Chemical composition is the fundamental reason that affects the mechanical properties of metal castings. Therefore, in the production process ofinvestment casting, the inspection of chemical composition is the critical step.


In Maple, the chemical composition of investment casting materials is analyzed by OES, which can analyse every metal element in the chemical composition. Normally, we will first test the standard block to confirm there is no deviation in the spectrometer, and then test the chemical composition of the sample block. 

If the result is within the required range, the chemical composition of cast parts is qualified. In Maple foundry, more than three times of spectral analysis are required in the production. The first time is to analyze the chemical composition of raw materials, the second time is to analyze the chemical composition in the furnace during casting, and the third time is to analyze the chemical composition of parts or sample blocks along with the furnace after the product is completed. 

In addition, we will take a sample block from each furnace and keep it in the laboratory for more than one year. If the customer has quality issues during the application, we can re-audit the casting record of the parts at that time.


For each batch of products, Maple will provide the following chemical composition test report with heat Number. Their furnace test blocks are actually kept in the laboratory, and we can take them out for re testing at any time. Customers can also get the value of each chemical component from the report.


Our reports will be permanently stored in the cloud, ensuring traceability of product quality.

In addition to chemical composition testing, we also provide mechanical property testing,NDT testing, pressure testing, etc

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