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Ningbo Maple Machinery Co.,Ltd.

2004-Began Business-Maple Machinery first started out producing and exporting steel investment casting parts to customer in Europe and North America.

2006-Incooperated Machining Service-By persisting in high-quality castings and dedicated customer service, more and more customers had come to us and started business relations.

2008-Expanded Local Cooperation-At the request of our customers, we started to expand our business. We started cooperation with two local forging plants in Ningbo to help customers complete the purchase of raw steel forgings. In the same year, we hired a forging engineer consultant to be responsible for the technical consultation of forging orders.

2009-Cooperation with Other Plants-In order to enrich our manufacturing service network, we signed long-term cooperation agreements with electroplating plants and heat treatment plants. All customer requests could now be satisfied in one place. Our mainly products include steel casting, steel forging, investment casting.

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