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Company Profile

2004-Began Business-Maple Machinery first started out producing and exporting steelinvestment casting parts to customer in Europe and North America.

2006-Incooperated Machining Service-By persisting in high-quality castings and dedicated customer service, more and more customers had come to us and started business relations.

2008-Expanded Local Cooperation-At the request of our customers, we started to expand our business. We started cooperation with two local forging plants in Ningbo to help customers complete the purchase of raw steel forgings. In the same year, we hired a forging engineer consultant to be responsible for the technical consultation of forging orders.

2009-Cooperation with Other Plants-In order to enrich our manufacturing service network, we signed long-term cooperation agreements with electroplating plants and heat treatment plants. All customer requests could now be satisfied in one place.

2011-Added Stamping and Welding Service-We incorporated the welding and stamping business into our system and cooperated with a local stamping plant and two welding plants to provide customers with welded parts and stamping parts.

2014-More Cooperative Plants-3 forging plants, 2 welding plants, 2 stamping plants and more than 4 surface treatment plants had joined our supply system. They had their own strengths in the steel manufacturing industry and provided our customers with diversified choices.

2018-Became Manufacturing Expert- We have now developed into a manufacturing expert with investment casting and precision machining as the core competitiveness, besides a variety of other production and processing techniques as additional competitiveness. Now we have customers in more than 30 countries and products used in more than 40 industries.

Maple machinery is a one-stop steel manufacturer with investment casting, sand casting, closed die forging and machining as its main business. In addition to our own investment casting plant and machine workshop, we always cooperate with other local factories in Ningbo to provide professional steel parts manufacturing services all over the world.

-We have our own investment casting foundry and machine shop

-Our factory is certified with ISO9001:2015

-Wide application. Customers from 40+ industries

-Dedicated service team helps you track and handle your problems

Product Application


Construction Machinery


Oil & Gas

Rail &Transit

Building & Infrastructure

Food Processing

Medical Equipment

Hydraulic Cylinder System

Lifting System

Forestry & Logging


Our Certificate



 • More than 15 years export experience, provide high quality parts

 • Advanced manufacturing inspection equipment

 • Quick response when dealing with problems

 • Professional team of engineers in casting, forging and machining

 • Competitive price

 • Close to Ningbo port, on-time delivery time

 • Local supplier partner network in Ningbo

 • One to one order management

Production Market

Maple has customers in more than 30 countries, serving hundreds of companies and developing thousands of parts. We welcome any credit company, no matter where you come from and what industry you are in.

Our service

Since 2004, Maple machinery has been strengthening its professional ability and expanding its business scope. Now we provide a variety of metal parts manufacturing services, inspection services and technical consulting services.


• Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting)

• Sand Casting

• Lost Foam Casting

• Close Die Forging

• Open Die Forging

• Rolled Ring Forging

• Precision Machining

• Cutting & Welding


• Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel

• Stainless Steel and Duplex Steel

• High Manganese Steel

• Gray Cast Iron

• Ductile Cast Iron

• High Chromium Cast Iron

• Aluminum

• Bronze


• Hardness Testing

• Impact Testing

• Tensile Testing

• Spectral Analysis

• Metallographic Examination

• Radiographic Testing (RT)

• Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

• Penetrant Testing (PT)

• Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

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